Put simply: good organization

The time has come for a quality offensive in the office.
The PEP approach
High output and enjoyable work are no longer mutually exclusive. PEP, the Personal Excellence Program, provides support for employees in day-to-day office tasks with a unique method that combines group training and individual coaching. Employees at all levels of the hierarchy and in all functions benefit directly from efficient workplace organization and time-planning. The team is able to put the new approaches into practice straightaway with an immediate, sustainable impact.

Immediate and sustainable

Conventional training only has a limited effect. This is because the implementation of the new ideas often breaks down when it comes up against an apparently insurmountable obstacle: standard day-to-day office routines.
PEP gets over this obstacle. We provide support for each individual employee when they transfer what they have learnt into their normal work routine. The participant takes action, makes decisions and experiences immediate success. The PEP method ensures that the new approach is embedded on a sustainable basis. Whether the issue is dealing with emails, project planning or the meetings culture, PEP coaches work directly alongside employees at their workplace introducing suggestions to stimulate learning.

The outcome is effective email handling, transparent planning, efficient meetings, common standards for core processes and routines, and uniform filing structures on all information platforms, making work easier on a measurable basis.

Step by step toward office excellence

The PEP modules are delivered at intervals over several weeks: each module presents new theoretical input and revisits specific aspects of previous topics in more depth.
The PEP learning curve
Teams work out practical solutions. Executives acquire new benchmarks for management activities in the form of best practice. We are able to win over individual solutions because we deliver change for the benefit of all. The active involvement of all employees in the PEP process enhances commitment. PEP picks up from the current situation as it applies to the individuals and creates the basis for better team performance and motivation.

Uniform standards and specifications accelerate routine work. Wasted effort such as duplicated work or unnecessary searches for information is eliminated across departmental boundaries. Every employee benefits from more efficient time management, personal management and better use of existing IT systems. Sustainability is guaranteed by our quality audits.

Outcome: PEP increases office productivity by 7-20%.