OPX office performance index - your benchmark

Are you well motivated with first-rate skills, but nevertheless sometimes frustrated because you have forgotten something important or were unable to meet a deadline?
Then you need to work on your office excellence: maintain an overview of all pending items, find rather than search, complete tasks on time, and be well networked. In addition to your motivation and skills, office excellence is the third key factor in ensuring you are successful in your job.

We ask you to complete a questionnaire and we use your answers to determine your personal office excellence status (on a scale of 0% to 100%) using PEP benchmarks. This process is based on our expertise assembled over 20 years. We have helped thousands of individuals from top managers to office clerks in a large number of prestigious companies to work more effectively, more efficiently and with less stress.
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From the analysis of your responses, you will be able to see at a glance where you can begin to reduce the unproductive elements of your job, generating more time and capacity for the really important tasks.

OPX for teams and business units

Less-than-optimum performance in the organization of work, project processing and internal team coordination costs money and is frustrating for all those involved.
OPX focuses on the most frequent and costly, time-consuming management and administrative items, such as time spent on searching for information, duplicated work, unproductive activities, and deficiencies in the meetings culture and work habits/working environment. When a team, business unit or entire organization undergoes an OPX evaluation, we supply an individual analysis for each participating employee and an overarching list of recommendations: optimization of process organization, structuring of departmental knowledge, potential improvements in the management of appointments and dealing with emails, and a proposal for best practice in the handling of emails within the team.

If you would like us to prepare an OPX proposal for your unit, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please click here.