Office relocation: new space for work, new space for office excellence

A relocation is the ideal opportunity for change.
We provide you and your employees with support in the introduction of uniform company-wide office standards.

Immediate start

MovePEP means that every employee and every team is ready to start work again at the new workplace within 30 minutes.
This is made possible by structured preparation for the relocation process. The volume of paper is radically reduced back in the previous working environment. Duplicate filing is eliminated - forever.

Paperlite office

With MovePEP, you organize the existing electronic platforms on a transparent basis - and without expensive, time-consuming IT solutions.
At the same time as the relocation, you implement electronic data management in the new office with protection against unauthorized access. This facilitates barrier-free collaboration throughout the entire organization and represents a significant leap forward toward the creation of a transparent body of knowledge.

Better use of resources

Together with your team, you will be able to analyze and adjust skills and capacity, using them more effectively in the new working environment.
This is supported by transparent standards, lean processes with key performance indicators, and common filing or workflow systems.

Outcome: MovePEP increases office productivity by 7-20%.