Sound familiar?

  • Inbox with 1000 emails plus…
  • Too much time spent dealing with emails…
  • We are in the age of emails, but the mountains of paper in the office are still growing…

Efficient use of electronic tools

Individuals require personal, system-specific training to cope with the complexity of groupware such as Outlook, Lotus Notes and GroupWise.
With group training and individual coaching on the efficient use of electronic tools, managers and employees can free up as much as five hours per week.

Tips and tricks for team performance

The use of groupware by a team significantly enhances team efficiency and therefore team performance.
Every employee is trained, starting from his/her current level of expertise. Uniform standards for the use of day-to-day electronic communications are drawn up and implemented. Employees are provided with the necessary tips and tricks to support the effective use of the groupware in their own work and in the team. This motivates them to make much more use of the electronic tools.

Training and coaching takes place as part of PEP’s modular structure, ensuring that the use of the organization’s software is integrated into workflows.